Personal Response (2/16) Food Challenge

This week Mr. Knight challenged all of us to not eat the same foods twice.  This meant you couldn’t have toast on Tuesday and toast on Wednesday.  I don’t know how everyone else is doing but I know that I have sadly failed.  Yesterday, without realizing it, I ate five packs of Razzles throughout the day.  Also I took home some of last nights dinner and had it for lunch today.  I attempted to do the challenge for the first few days.  I attempted to avoid macaroni and cheese because I was planning on having it later in the week, but I just didn’t even realize what I was doing with the candy until it was to late.

While trying to do this challenge, I began to think about how we eat generally the same foods everyday.  Although it may seem as though we eat a variety of foods every day, there are a few things that seemed to be at every meal.  Bread was one of the things that i had the most issue with because I discovered that I always eat toast with breakfast and only have one piece for the half week was extremely difficult.  Another food was eggs.  In the first weekend of the challenge I really wanted to get an omelet on both Saturday and Sunday, but sadly the challenge prevented it.

Over vacation I am going to attempt to redo the challenge, starting Saturday night.  I will have to tell my parents about it so that they can try and not serve the same dish twice.  One issue I had with this challenge was that if I opened a bag of chips or made a food in the kitchen, I couldn’t eat it later.  I didn’t like the fact that everything I ate these last few days was to big to eat in one sitting so I either had to finish it or give it to someone else.  I hope the rest of you are having better luck with your challenges.

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One Response to Personal Response (2/16) Food Challenge

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    Great stuff Ben. I’m happy to hear that you will be trying this again. Part of the challenge is to help people realize just how much we actually cook when we make food. It’s challenging to just make one serving, and no more. Our entire food economy is just not scaled that way. So, when you continue the challenge at home, pay extra attention to how much you are cooking at once, and see if you can trim it down to avoid tempting leftovers.

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