Weekly Response- Food Challenge (2/16)

This week we all had to participate in a food challenge. It was as follows: we could not eat the same food twice. We could however, eat the same ingredients twice as long as they were prepared differently each time. We started this challenge on Saturday and are to continue it until next Saturday. So far in the challenge I have not had the same food twice the exact same way.

However, I know that with these restrictions I have not been finding new ways to incorporate different fruits and veggies into my diet, instead they have been left out of my diet because I already had them. I mean, there’s only so many ways you can eat an apple when you have no ingredients to fix it with. I know also that I spent the weekend away from school and had an assortment of foods, meaning I had a variety of foods to easily obtain for breakfast, however, now being back at school and exhausting my one option for breakfast, pop-tarts, I will either omit breakfast, or fail the challenge for the rest of the week.

I feel that this challenge was not a good idea to try while still at school where we are extremely limited and finding time to eat anything is a hassle. The school only serves us like three kinds of fruit, and I can only eat one kind because of allergies, therefore, I am limited to one serving of fruit for the entire week because I do not personally have to possibility to cook the apples differently myself, nor do I have the time to even consider it.

If we had attempted this while on break, I feel it would have been a lot healthier for me personally. I wouldn’t have to cut fruits out of my diets or only have whatever vegetable they are serving that day then not have it again. At home I would have more opportunity to cook my own food with variation and I would have the time and place to do it.

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One Response to Weekly Response- Food Challenge (2/16)

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    I agree with you, Bethany, that this challenge was perhaps a little harsh in the context of boarding school life. However, the goal was not exactly to make you eat more healthily, but to make you more aware of what you do eat. We all have foods that we fall back on, often without even thinking, multiple times each week, or even each day. Removing that option, even temporarily, really forces us to examine our dietary choices and options afresh. Frankly, I think that missing out on apples for a week is more than made up for by also missing out on pop tarts.

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