So, I had a little gorgonzola… – February 14th

Well.  David Lebovitz sends me emails, you know*.  We’re very good friends, in fact.  Or maybe I just clicked the ‘subscribe’ button… doesn’t matter.  He’s marvelous.  And this is what showed up yesterday.  The dough’s in my fridge now, and I shall bake these for you as soon as I possibly can.  I messed about with the recipe a little, due to lack of certain called-for dairy products and refined flour, but they taste pretty good raw, and I’m interested to see how such a strong cheese will bake.  I don’t know how many of you like weird cheese.  I used to be completely averse to everything other than creamy white cheddar, but I started very shyly trying things fed to me by a friend who owns a food/wine shop, and now I’m sort of in love (and I confess readily that, given the chance to be a cheese buyer for someplace like that shop, or, dare I dream it, Dean & Deluca, I would probably forgo college, love, success, Marc Chagall, and maybe even chocolate to pursue it).  So.  Having read this recipe, I hope you’ll click around his site – an American in Paris, who occasionally skips over to Ireland just for the butter can be forgiven the not-so-occasional typo – and enjoy it.

*See how I linked it, Mr Knight?  See?

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One Response to So, I had a little gorgonzola… – February 14th

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    Yes, Imogen, I see. Very nicely done. The biscuits were good too.

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