Weekly Response (2/9)

This week we all read about how food is almost prechewed for Americans today.  Even the cookies we ate in class almost melted in our mouths in a sort of unnatural way, except for the homemade ones.  Companies in today’s world have become completely obsessed with money and have begun to ignore the harmful things that their foods may cause.  The companies specifically design their food to be more easily chewed and swallowed so that you can just eat another one until you must buy more.

Another thing I found interesting this week was the story about the people who couldn’t resist eating the food put in front of them.  I don’t fully understand this because it doesn’t happen to me but I think that I may have a few friends who have this problem.  If you put any food near them, they can’t resist eating it and seem to almost go crazy when they can’t.  I believe that the American food industry with all of its easy to eat food and prepackaged things has created this problem.  This is the first time in history that we have had this issue on a large scale and it needs to be fixed.  If we continue to eat the things we are currently eating then eventually we will all be unhealthy.

While eating the cookies, I found that the Chips A Hoy and the Pepperidge Farms cookies left a chemical tang in my mouth that was difficult to get rid of until I had another bite.  The things that large food companies do to get us to buy more of their product today disgusts me and I hope that we are on the road to change.

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One Response to Weekly Response (2/9)

  1. porteram says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your last statement, Ben. The food industries’ methods of attempting to have us eat more of their food is working, but it doesn’t appear that they ever thinking about the negative effects on consumers.

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