Personal Response- The Cost of Food. (2/9)

Discussing the cost of food from different countries this week led me to think about the cost of food specifically in Maine compared to the other countries featured. Upon researching the cost of Maine foods in comparison I came across a shopping method called “coupon shopping.” What this is, is an insane addiction to coupons. There are entire websites dedicated to coupons that will save you the most money. Also, there are no limits to how many coupons one can “clip” online as there are in a newspaper. Therefore, if you organize well and shop at the right stores you can save tremendous amounts of money on food.

Most coupon sites offer coupons for food that could be considered mildly healthy, yet in reality is filled with artificial ingredients. Like one website that has multiple coupons for jello and Betty Crocker dishes. While looking around these websites the healthiest thing I found they had a coupon for was Yoplait Yogurt, which still has plenty of preservatives and artificial colors.

There have been plenty of websites that claim the owners have bought $100 worth of groceries for less than a dollar. Although I am starting to see how this is completely possible, it would take probably five to ten hours a week, and going through the check-out with over a hundred coupons is going to equal one very frustrated cashier.  There are also stores that accept coupons better than others. For example, Hannaford will double the amount of any coupon less than a dollar, therefore saving you twice as much money.

However, there is a way to manage all of this and still be somewhat healthy. This is called the $1 a day challenge. What happened here was one man, for the entirety of the month of May, spent only one dollar on food each day, using coupons. This meant he was only given $31 for food for the entire month and had to eat healthy and be full for the month. During the month he was closely monitored by his sister, who had been the one who caused him to make the bet that he could do this.

You can read more about coupon shopping and the $1 a day challenge at:

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