It is illegal to give someone food in which has been found a dead mouse or weasel..(2/9)

Title: Ancient Irish Law

One thing that really disturbed me in this week’s reading was the thought of our food being pre-chewed, and that the manufacturers are basically taking advantage of food addicts by over-processing our food. Whether the majority of food chains know conciously that this greatly harms the majority of those who can’t control their eating habits, I am unsure. But I almost feel betrayed by the producers of food in this country.

Trying not to over-eat is a constant struggle that I face every day, and knowing now that my food is basically pre-chewed and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it really scares me. For me, food is a source of depression and self-conciousness. Knowing this about the processed foods that are oh so abundantly available to me is kind of making it worse.

We’ve already discussed in class how difficult it is to avoid processed food, but also how it is okay to indulge sometimes in less-healthy food in moderation. What I fear is that food companies might go too far, and America’s, as well as other countries’, obesity rates, will begin to incline even more and more.

Nobody wants to step on a scale and hate the number that they see. Nobody wants to hate themselves every time something goes into their mouthes. The people that don’t are the people who can control their desire for processed food, or the people that don’t know what goes into processed foods.

Another point to this entire phenomina of doing things such as injecting the chicken at Chili’s, like the author discussed, is that it costs the company money. It would cost far cheaper to cook non-injected chicken, in theory, because you’re not having to pay for the fluids to injest the chicken with. It just doesn’t make logical sense to me.

I think that we should all do as Kessler did, and start asking what is in our food. Maybe this will awaken us enough to start making healthier choices. I know that once I had to start analyzing every piece of food that went into my mouth for its nutritional value, I ate much more healthily. I think Kessler has a very good point, and we should all take a lesson from his experiences.

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One Response to It is illegal to give someone food in which has been found a dead mouse or weasel..(2/9)

  1. William Popov says:

    I think you make a good point, MaryMargaret. I often find myself frustrated with food and the people that make it. I can’t count how many times I have asked myself “Why!? Why can’t food just be food? Why does it have to have 30-syllable ingredients and taste like toilet paper?” However, I think that we should also look at the good side of things. There is a lot of stuff that is good for you, and brings pleasure when you eat it. Being frustrated with the people who make “fake” food makes me appreciate the people that still seem to care about something more than the profit they can make, the people that keep the soul of food alive, even more.

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