Weekly Link (2/6) Around The World In 80 Dishes

While perusing the internet toady, I discovered this very interesting website.  Its a website that posts videos of different foods from around the world and how to make them.  Things like Egyptian Ful Medames, a sort of fava bean mash served with anything from fried eggs to pieces of pita bread.  In Egypt they eat it for almost any meal whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner.  Some of the other foods they have are Pupusas from El Salvador, which are cornmeal cake like things filled with meat or other things.  Another food they make is a Falafel from Israel.  It is almost like a meat ball but made of chick peas and other spices.


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One Response to Weekly Link (2/6) Around The World In 80 Dishes

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    This is a great resource, Ben. A lot of the time we don’t know where a dish comes from, and what we think of as _________-ian cuisine is quite different from what people in that part of the world actually eat. Compilations like this give us a better picture of what is going on, food-wise, around the globe. Will any of the dishes here be appearing in a daily recipe?

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