Discovery – February 3rd

(Daft Punk!)

I don’t know… maybe I’m the last person to work this out in the whole world.  But tonight I found The Alternative to fried eggs as a quick meal, and I implore you all to try this totally delightful and painfully simple way of cooking your eggs.  I was roasting some asparagus tonight – just a few stalks in a pan with a little oil – and just before they were done something possessed me to crack an egg over them. And put them back into the oven (400°F) for a few minutes.  Why have I not done this before?!  The result was so much less greasy than a fried or scrambled egg, it was more evenly cooked and, because of the surrounding oven heat, the white all set without my having to flip my egg, or in fact touch it at all, and risk the sacred gooey yolk.  This, plus a piece of toast, was the nicest meal I’ve had since leaving the fair city of Washington, and I want to take these last precious minutes of…. structured study… to let you know how you, too, can have an unboring/unfrustrating egg for dinner within ten minutes, possibly with roasted vegetables, without having to wash up another pan!

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One Response to Discovery – February 3rd

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    A great idea Imogen. You know, with a little lemon juice, salt, and butter, you could make yourself a sort of instant Hollandaise for the asparagus. Worth a shot, perhaps.

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