Weekly Response (2/2) Be Carfeul What You Eat.

Food is a wonderful thing in life that is meant to be enjoyed, but it can also be a harmful thing.  Food poisoning is one of the worst things ever and I hope that none of you ever get it.  How do I know what  food poisoning is like you might ask?  In 5th grade my family took a trip to a Mexican village and stayed there for over a week.  While we were there, my family and I ate everything that we could find from fish tacos in a little back alley way to the various carts and wagons set up everywhere.  On about the third day my entire family became ill with some kind of food poisoning and were stuck in bed for around 3 days.  It was not fun at all.

Although it wasn’t enjoyable to have food poisoning, it didn’t stop me from continuing to eat everything I saw.  I ate so many good foods that you just can’t get in America, like fresh homemade churros or a fruit cup the size of my head.  All of it was good and to this day I haven’t been held back by the fear of food poisoning and have eaten every good food i’ve seen.

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2 Responses to Weekly Response (2/2) Be Carfeul What You Eat.

  1. bethanyhartley says:

    Ha, ha Ben. I like this, i like how being extremely sick didn’t stop you from trying everything you could. And I agree that missing out on everything else merely because of a stupid illness would be dumb.

  2. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    I normally encourage an adventurous and uninhibited approach to food, but it does have its dark side. I admire your perseverance, Ben, though I can’t say that I think it was perhaps the best idea.
    Food is a give-and-take kind of a thing. Ideally, we put into it with cooking what we get out of it through eating. When the balance shifts, sometimes food can just knock you flat on your back. But these are moments to be savored as well, like at the end of Rocky, when he loses but wins anyway. Well, perhaps food poisoning is not exactly a moment to be savored, but it does offer us a moment to pause and think, even if we only think of the sweet release of NyQuil.

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