Food is the most primitive form of comfort..(2/2)

Title: Quote, Sheilah Graham

I wanted to reference what we were talking about with recipes in class, when Mr. Knight was explaining the thought we should put into the foods we use in our project and that it should mean something to us. Perhaps my post will help those of you who haven’t chosen your food yet make a decision.

Food can have an amazing tie to the past. Almost everyone has family traditions. I don’t know about everyone else’s traditions, but a LOT of mine center around some sort of food. There are traditional meals that we have at holidays and such. And we all have a famous family dessert.

I believe that eating is really an emotional experience. This is probably why I can’t eat for hours if I’ve cried. Or perhaps it is because I don’t want to ruin my relationship with food. There are some foods that make me physically ill to smell because of a memory that is tied to them. We can not really appreciate food for what it is if we are not emotionally ready to handle it.

We’ve already discussed how food is not just about the flavor, but about an entire experience. Part of that experience is scent. Many don’t know this, but it has been proven that smell is the best memory catcher of all of the senses. There are so many memories that can come from food I smell.

The big point I’m really trying to make here is to be sensitive to your emotions. Don’t eat when you’re angry or upset, because you will have negative emotions geared towards the food you eat, and have trouble eating it again. Maybe this is a theory you should test; just don’t test it with your favorite food.

So for those of you having trouble, just stop. Close your eyes. Think. Imagine a food that strikes deep emotion when you smell it; something that brings a smile to your face, or makes your heart start racing. It can be because of the people tied to it, or the emotion that surrounds it when eaten. That is the food you should choose for your project this spring.

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2 Responses to Food is the most primitive form of comfort..(2/2)

  1. bethanyhartley says:

    I completely agree. I agree that eating is an emotional experience, yet i believe that comfort foods like Mac & Cheese and Mashed Potatoes are some of the best things in the world if i’m angry or upset. So i think instead of not eating when you’re angry or upset it would be better to eat the foods that comfort you, but not to rely on that, because if we all relied on that, then we would all be the size of a house.

  2. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    Lovely piece, Mary Margaret. It is true that smell is the sense most closely linked with triggering memories. This probably has something to do with the fact the olfactory bulb in the front of the brain is directly adjacent to the hippocampus (the center of memory encoding and memory recall). We are hard-wired to associate smells with memories.
    Food can be a very emotional experience. I also have a few food smells that make me gag because of unpleasant associations. Part of your first big assignment will be to analyze and try to understand the emotional response you have to your chosen food. That is why I want you all to think about your choice carefully, something that it seems like you have a good head start on.

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