Emergency Bonus Link: Le Whaf

This is concerning on many levels. No, cancel that, this is a travesty, an aberration, and it must be stopped!

The thing you are looking at is called, “Le Whaf.” Study it well, memorize the shape, because this is the enemy.

As explained in this article, Le Whaf (and that is just a poorly conceived name) is pitched by its creator as being an entirely new way to eat. With that in mind, he seems to be targeting the thing at the two demographics most amenable to culinary innovation: dieters and foodies. And it might work too, if the whole thing weren’t an appallingly flawed idea.

First, dieters. Okay, this thing is obviously (and unsurprisingly) low-calorie. So yes, you can in theory use it to experience flavors you crave without actually ingesting more than a pinch of actual matter. But the thing about diets is that if they don’t let you get full, they don’t work. This is not how you reduce your caloric intake! Seriously, what thinking person would ever believe that a stupid little goblet full of vapor could ever satisfy a genuine appetite for steak? THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER!

As for the foodie thing, how exactly is that going to work? Is there some sort of sub-species of gastronome that I am unaware of, who love food but can’t stand all that pesky chewing? Maybe that critic in Ratatouille? No, because the point was that he turns out to be an essentially decent guy who just needed a good meal to put him in a better mood, whereas the kind of person who would enjoy this… contraption is just from another damn universe, or at the very least a horrible distopian future. Every food lover I know will be just as turned off by this as I am, guaranteed.

Food is not just about flavor. It is a multi-sensory experience. I don’t care how many funky flavor molecules you can spray on my tongue; if there’s nothing to work around in my mouth, no physicality, then it just isn’t fun.

Bottom line, this is not ‘food’ by any definition I recognize, and while some people may be content to go out and snort buttered asparagus essence for their evening on the town, I am not and never will be one of them.

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One Response to Emergency Bonus Link: Le Whaf

  1. porteram says:

    WELL, Mr. Knight, I think you need to be a little more passionate about this issue. You don’t seem to care enough. I particularly enjoy your tag of “Crime against nature”.
    But seriously, I do completely agree with your aversion to the idea. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to do this at all. I definately have a history of stress eating, and I’m pretty sure that this would have made me more than just a little angry.

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