Table Manners

Before I went to Turkey last summer, I attended an AFS orientation which included a lot of what-to-expect cultural details.  There were people going to study in a lot of different countries, and so I didn’t get much Turkey-specific information, but food-related culture shock was heavily emphasized.  We were shown this clip, a ridiculously exaggerated HSBC ad, but I think what it discusses – food etiquette – is quite an interesting topic.

(I can’t work out how wordpress embeds videos yet)

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One Response to Table Manners

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    This is a great illustration of a very profound truth. Food is one of the few truly universal common elements in human life, and yet we still approach in fundamentally different ways from culture to culture. I have to say though, that eel looks pretty decent (and very fresh).

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