Why Food is My Favorite (1/25)

In our lifetimes there have been untold amounts of new dishes and kinds of food created solely for people to eat.  Whether it be the Dodeca Whopper or one of the 10 to 20 thousand other foods introduced into the American market each year.  All people need to eat, but some of us truly enjoy eating and have the ability to eat good food that satisfies us.  Personally I would rather try a new food than eat something that I’ve known all my life.  Food is a gateway to other cultures and a way to meet new people.

My personal philosophy on food is that anything that if someone else eats it then it has to be good.  People generally don’t eat disgusting or repulsive food, they eat what makes them happy, whether that be McDonald’s cheeseburger or a homemade steak.  I truly love any good food whether it be sushi in a high class restaurant or a cup of corn and salsa in a Mexican market.  The foods of the world have always interested me and since I can remember, my parents have urged me to try as many foods as I can.

I have known people in life who eat nothing but junk.  One day I met a kid who didn’t know what an avocado was and couldn’t remember the name for a cucumber.  I fell bad for kids or adults who do not enjoy food and hate to eat.  Eating is a thing of joy for me and I love to eat, luckily I also have the metabolism to stay skinny with all the food I eat.

One of my lifelong dreams is to travel to Europe and go backpacking across it.  I want to bring a few thousand dollars and eat at every little pub and inn and fancy restaurant I can.  I would also like to do it with friends who enjoy food as much as I do to make the experience even more fun.  Food, in my opinion, is one of the greatest things we have in life and should be enjoyed at any opportunity.

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3 Responses to Why Food is My Favorite (1/25)

  1. porteram says:

    You make a great point. I think people analyze food so much these days that we sometimes forget that it should be really enjoyable sometimes too.

  2. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    Food is my favorite too. I like your attitude of trying anything that other people eat. I mean, if even one person enjoys it, there must be some redeeming quality there, right? We should try to get our hands on some curried fruit bat. Let’s do this thing.

  3. dionae22 says:

    I’ll warn you Ben, avoid Cafe’s in big cities! You’ll end up paying over 5 Euros for a cappuccino that is only half as good as one you can buy for 2 Euros somewhere else.

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